• Entry Forms & Fees Due:   Saturday, April 7th by 5:00 p.m.

  • Show Date:  May 5, 2018​

  • Stall Fees:  $5.00 per class ($50 maximum)

  • Show Limit:  1 Entry per Class

  • Entries Arrival & Judged:  See Livestock Schedule

  • Entries Released:   Animals & Tack – Immediately following show.



  • Refer to State and Local Rules, which apply to these divisions.

  • American System of Judging

  • 4-H/FFA/Grange judged together

  • Open to Exhibitors who reside in Calaveras, Amador, Tuolumne, Alpine, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties.

  • Horses owned as a joint project may only be shown by one designated exhibitor at an individual show.

  • The horse shown must be the member’s project at least 120 days prior to the show but need not be owned by or registered to the exhibitor.

  • Proof of Ownership or lease must be available with entries.

  • 4-H, FFA, Pony Club of America, and Grange member’s may show leased horses, provided the member has responsibility for the care and management of the horse during the period of the lease; and the signed lease between owner and member, with a clear, side view picture of the horse or some permanent identification is filed at least 120 days prior to the show at the Fair office, or with a person designated by the Fair.  ***Independents must have the said information on file at the fair administration office.

  • The Horse Show Management reserves the right to return entries and to combine and/or divide classes when the entries are excessive or insufficient to assure adequate fair competition.

  • The judge may disqualify any animal that is not sufficiently gentled to be shown with safety.  The judge may choose not to make any awards to any animal which shows visible evidence of disease or lameness.  No award will be made to entries eliminated under this rule.  All animals in the Horse Show must be serviceably sound.

  • Juniors will be defined as 13 years of age (minimum age of 9 years) or under as of December 31, 2017.  Seniors will be defined as 14 years or older but under age 19 as of December 31, 2017.  Pony division exhibitors are based on the height of the animal (14 hands, 2 inches or under) rather than the age of the exhibitor.  It will be left to the judge’s discretion if an exhibitor is too large for their pony.  If so, exhibitor will be disqualified from competing.  Walk/Trot exhibitors are based on the performance limitations (no cantering/loping) of the horse/pony. Competition in this division (Walk/Trot) is limited to one year.

  • No cross entry between classes.  (i.e.: if you enter a pony, it must stay entered as a pony, you will not be allowed to enter as a junior or walk trot.)

  • An Exhibitor may only ride one horse per class.

  • The jumping classes, walk/jog division jumps will be on the ground, for Junior and Senior division jump will be 2'3".  Pony division jumps will be 2'.

  • Contestants in walk/trot classes cannot lope horses in gymkhana classes.

  • Exhibitors are not eligible if they or their horse have trained under the judge within 90 days of the show date.

  • Unless other rules are specified, rules and definitions for conducting each judged class as contained in the USA Equestrian (formally AHSA), and for each gymkhana class as contained in the California Gymkhana Association Rule Book (CGA) will apply to this horse show.  Decisions of the horse show management will be final.

  • Showmanship classes will not be considered eligible for High Point Awards.

  • The number of riders/animals competing in each class will determine the number of points eligible to be awarded to the rider/horse combination in each class for High Point awards.  (i.e. if seven horses are competing in a class, 1st place will be awarded 7 points, 2nd place 6 points, down to 5th place being awarded 3 points.  If 2 horses are competing in a class, 1st place will be awarded 2 points, 2nd place 1 point.  Must ride in an event in classes 1 through 9 and one event in classes 10 through 14.

  • First five places in all classes, except showmanship will be considered for the applicable High Point awards.  Ties for High Point will be broken based on the number of first place awards.

  • Drug Fee is included in the entry fee.

  • Classes may be combined to create adequate competition.

  • Showmanship: Official uniform, (as defined under “Livestock Rules & Information”) English or Western attire may be worn during this class.  Boots are required. Helmets are encouraged but required in Showmanship.

  • English Attire: Hunt coat, breeches, English boots and ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear.  If riding saddle seat, saddle seat suit, boots and ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear.

  • Western Attire: Long-sleeve western shirt, pants or jeans, belt, tie, ASTM/SEI approved headgear and boots.



DIVISION 730 – Pony

DIVISION 731-Junior

DIVISION 732-Senior

DIVISION 733-Walk Trot


  1. Bareback Equitation  

  2. English Equitation

  3. English Pleasure

  4. Hunter Hack

  5. Working Hunter 

  6. Western Equitation

  7. Weste

  8. Western Pleasure

  9. Trail

  10. Single Stake

  11. California Pole Bending

  12. California Speed Barrels

  13. Cloverleaf Barrels

  14. Bi-Rangle Stakes