2020 Market Animal Auction

What we know:

  • The online auction will be May 17, 2020 at 9 a.m.

  • The company will be Show Circuit on Line Sales.

  • The Calaveras Cattlemen's Association is sponsoring the Auction  Company's fees.

  • Exhibitors will still be charged 6%.
  • The Animals will be pen evaluated by the judges that were hired to judge May 14-17.  The top 4 animals will be videoed  and reasons will be given.

  • The California Department of Food and Ag and California Department of Public Health will be releasing procedures and protocol for animal handling and staffing.

  • Parents and leaders will not be permitted to attend the evaluation process. 

  • Animals will be weighed and tagged upon arrival.  

  • Lambs must be slick sheared.

  • Goats must be clipped.

  • Pigs must have 5/8 inch hair on. (do not slick)

  • There will be an industry leader to determine if the animal is market ready.

  • All persons dropping off livestock must remain in the vehicle.

  • Exhibitors may only bring one market animal.  (unless exhibitor has a replacement heifer)

  • If the animal does not make weight or is not market ready, the animal will leave the grounds immediately.

  • An additional release of liability that is COVID 19 specific will need to be signed prior to entering the Fairgrounds.  Limit 2 people per vehicle.   

  • The Fair and JLC will have a limited number of approved staff and volunteers to handle logistics.

  • The animals will be fed and cared for by approved staff.  Feed will be provided.

  • There will be no camping at the Fairgrounds.  The Frogtown RV Park is closed.

  • The Fairgrounds will be sending packets out to last years buyers.  We are going to make it as easy as possible for our buyers.

  • The replacement heifers will be judged and preg checked here at the fairgrounds. They will be sold during video auction.  Transportation arranged between buyer and seller privately.

What is required from the exhibitor:

Entry form due date: April 18, 2020 no exceptions

Entry Form - Signed 

Release of Liability 

YQCA completion form

Insurance Form (not necessary for FFA)

Photo - The photo will be what potential buyers see.  So uniforms and clean animals are a must. 


Buyers letters are very important.  Exhibitors should get those out as soon as possible.

Buyers can go to Frogtown.org and link to the sale on May 17, 2020 at 9 a.m.

The Fair and the Junior Livestock  Committee realize this is not a perfect situation, so there is not a perfect solution.    It is the decision of each family whether they wish to participate.

Phone: 209-736-2561

Fax: 209-736-2476