Junior Livestock Auction




The Junior Livestock Auction is an amazing program where young producers have the opportunity to market their animals.  The program is the focus of several community volunteers who work diligently to make this opportunity a reality for the youth of the community.


Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022

Breakfast: 7:00 am

Registration: 7:00 am

Opening Ceremony: 9:00 am

Auction: 9:30 am

Sale Order:   (Tower Pavilion) Goats, Sheep, Poultry, Beef (Swine Ring) Rabbits, Swine, Turkeys Subject to change


  1. Open to market animals exhibited and judged in a Junior Livestock Class at the Calaveras County Fair.

  2. Exhibitor must be a resident of Calaveras County in order to sell at the Junior Livestock Auction.

  3. Project Record Books, including those of Independent Exhibitors must accompany the livestock consigned for sale to the Fairgrounds and be available for review by the Junior Livestock Committee at any time during the Fair.

  4. Animals will be identified by an official identification ear tag, tattoo or leg band as approved by the Junior Livestock Committee.

  5. Exhibitors and their leader/instructor are responsible for tagging, tattooing or banding their animals.  If assistance is needed in doing so, a member of the Junior Livestock Committee will help. 

  6. The selecting of meat pens shall be made prior to the official fair weigh-in.  Identification numbers will be assigned by the fair entry office and it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to contact the fair for their number(s).

  7. Exhibitors may show four market units total however may only show two of any one market unit.  However, exhibitors may only SELL one market unit. All Champions must sell.  Exhibitors who own one or more Champions must sell multiple champions Under no circumstances will any Exhibitor sell more than two market units. 


      Exhibitors may sell one large animal and one small animal.

      1 unit - Market Beef   
    • 1 unit - Pen of Meat Chickens

    •  1 unit -Market Broiler Chickens

    • 1 unit - Market Lamb 

    • 1 unit - Pen of Meat Rabbits      

    • 1 unit - Single Market Rabbit

    • 1 unit - Market Swine 

    • 1 unit - Market Goat                   

    • 1 unit - Single Market Turkey]

  8. All exhibitors must inform the Livestock Office which animal he/shewill be selling within two hours of the Exhibitor’s final conformation class.  If an Exhibitor has two units of the same species eligible for sale, he/she must inform the Livestock Office of the “no sale animal” within two hours after the completion of the final conformation class for that species.  In the event the exhibitor fails to notify the livestock office within the designated time. The exhibitor will be dropped from the sale order.  Exhibitor must pay a $75 reinstatement fee (cash only) by Friday May 19th at 7 p.m. to be reinstated into the sale. 

  9. Actual weight at the time of the official weigh-in will be used for sale and judging weights of all species.  Weight slips will be issued and attested by a fair representative.

  10. The sale order will have a Supreme Champion, Reserve Supreme Champion, FFA/Grange Champion, FFA/Grange Reserve Champion, 4-H/Grange Champion and 4-H/Grange Reserve Champion in each of the nine animal units.  These Sale Champions shall be selected from the top two Market Ready eligible units from each class in each category by the official junior livestock fair judge.  In the event that the Champion and Reserve Champion animal are owned by the same exhibitor, only the Champion will sell.

  11. The Bank of Stockton and the Fair Management will handle all financial matters between buyers and consigners.

  12. 6% of the gross sale price of each animal will be withheld to defray auction costs.

  13. Animals consigned for sale and sold are not eligible for re-purchase from the sale committee.  Responsibility and care for livestock sold at the auction remains with the exhibitor until the animal is harvested.

  14. The seller will be responsible for complete restitution in dollar value if the specific animal purchased is not available for delivery at the close of the fair.

  15. There will be no needles, syringes, medications including but not limited to approved, extra label use or over the counter drugs allowed on the fairgrounds. Any medication must be administered by the fair’s vet or under their direction

  16. Sale weight will be the maximum weight for that class as listed in the Livestock Guide Book.

  17. Any Exhibitor who is unable to sell his/her animal and has not made arrangements with the Junior Livestock Auction Committee President prior to 9:00AM on the day of the auction to have someone else sell his/her animal will receive only resale price for their animal.

  18. All animals must have their ear tags when they are loaded on the truck.  If an animal does not have its ear tag, it will not be loaded.

  19. Auction animals that are declared unfit at the process house will become the full financial responsibility of the seller.

  20. Processed Market Poultry or Turkeys, not picked up by the buyer within two weeks of the auction, will be donated to charity.  Poultry and Turkey Exhibitors are encouraged to deliver items to their buyers.

  21. In the event a market animal dies or is shipped incorrectly prior to the auction, an Exhibitor may substitute another animal of the same species that is eligible for the auction.  The said animal must belong to the exhibitor.  The Exhibitor will rotate to the end of the sale order within that particular species

  22. In the event an animal dies, the committee will reimburse the buyer at the current market price as determined by the appropriate processing plant at the time of the Junior Livestock Auction based on resale price.

  23. The Calaveras County Fair has up to 60 days to pay exhibitors who participate in the Junior Livestock Auction.




  1. Owner acknowledges the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act prohibits the introduction or delivery of any food that is adulterated or misbranded.  Adulteration includes poisonous or deleterious substances, and new animal drugs defined as unsafe within the meaning of Section 512 (21 USC Section 260b) of that act and those drugs listed in Section 404 (21 USC Section 342).

  2. Owner is responsible for animals that are rejected at processing center due to the presence of drug residues.

  3. NEW WHOLESOME MEAT ACT: The U.S.D.A. Wholesome Meat Act applies to all market animals. Only market animals eligible for immediate slaughter may be brought onto the fairgrounds and exhibited.

  4. Animals must be in good health and free of drug or chemical residues.

  5. Drug labels must be observed. Please note that elimination time (the time it takes for NO drug residue to be found in the animals system) is generally longer than labeled withdrawal time for most approved drugs.

  6. NEW In the event drug testing is deemed necessary by Fair Board of Directors or the Fairs’ Vet; it shall be conducted as outlined by California Department of Food & Ag and/or the representative & University of California Davis




Junior Livestock Committee

Sierra Pacific Industries

Friends of the Calaveras County Fair

Angels Camp Veterinarian Hospital & Doctor Ringette

39th DAA Board of Director

All of the many volunteers that help make our Fair and Auction successful!