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Junior Livestock Committee

Calaveras County Livestock Committee is an advisory committee to the 39th DAA Board of Directors and is a subcommittee of the Friends of the Calaveras County Fair. The committee manages the annual livestock show and auction in association with the 39th DAA and Friends of the Calaveras County Fair.  The 39th DAA is the legal entity and has authority over any issue as deemed in State Rules.  The CEO of the Association works closely with Chairperson of the Committee to ensure proper procedures are in place. The JLC meets 10 months of the year, the 4th Monday of the month.


  • Chairperson – Shawn Westberg

  • Vice Chairperson – Clint Gleason

  • Treasurer- Aldie Broglio

  • Secretary- Gina Neslon



  • Nick Casci

  • Kyle Spence

  • Amelia Tower

  • Art Mills

  • Bryan Ormond

  • Steve Myers

  • Dennis Zielkhe

  • Sheryl Morris

  • Loraine Larson

  • Mike Nelson

  • Andrew Nelson

  • John Osbourn

  • Clint Gleason

  • Carrie Phillips

  • Jason Weatherby

  • Jessica Evans

  • Langley Martinez

  • Tasha Westberg

  • Kathy Rusk

  • Linda Olson

  • Steve Schimp

  • Travis Truelock

Ex Officio

Laurie Giannini

MaryBeth Ospital

Kasey Musachia



  • Show Committee- committee coordinates with the Fair the show times and staffing. Assist in organizing weigh-ins.

  • Show Awards Committee – Facilitates the Special Awards and solicits sponsors.

  • Judges Committee- committee assists in hiring the judges.

  • Rules Committee- committee solicits recommendations from the community regarding rules and makes recommendation to the JLC to be brought to the Board of Directors.

  • Entry Book Committee –committee works with Fair on updating the book and distributes to the clubs.

  • Publicity Committee- works with Fair on pre fair publicity.

  • Barn Improvements – works on prioritizing projects, gets bids and makes recommendations to both boards.

  • Community Service Projects (adopt a barn)  – pre-fair and post-fair

  • Fundraising Committee- works with Friends of the Fair to come up with non – competitive fundraisers.

  • Sale Day Committees

  • Transportation

  • Sale recording

  • Admin. Committee- Hires Auctioneers, Makes sure payment center is set up, sale orders are distributed, buyers tables are organized

  • Breakfast Committee

  • Swine Committee

  • Sheep Committee

  • Goat Committee

  • Beef Committee

  • Small Animal Committee

  • Buyer Hospitality Committee

  • Set up committee

  • Tear down committee 


The Junior Livestock Committee is always looking for volunteers to participate in any of the subcommittees. You do not have to be a voting member to be involved.  The monthly meetings are open to the public.

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